Snowy Valentine


This local home decorates for Valentines day and I decided to try a shot after the storm this week. It was hard to get a good angle with the snowy trees and still see the tree with a heart on the side porch so this was the best I could come up with.

Triple Delight




These three shots are all of the same spot in my hometown and were taken after the storm this week. This storm was particularly beautiful as the snow stuck to everything and hung around for a day. The top image was tough because the sun was starting to shine at its strongest but I managed to capture it before it got too overpowering.

A Night in the Snow


This was taken yesterday after the snow storm was drawing to an end. It is a small area set aside to display a caboose in town and has a walkway with warm lights which is where the warm glow came from. The cool is a different type of street light and I had to try to hide the warm lights or they would overpower the shot.

Angel in Fog



This image was taken on a recent foggy morning at a church that had this carving done from an old dead tree. The sun was starting to burn through but was still subdued enough to not blow out. I had to light the angel with flash to avoid it being a complete silhouette. the difference in the suns size in the two images comes from choosing different lens focal lengths.

Tasty Guest Lodge


This is one small section of the spectacular gingerbread display that was done by RLPS architects of Lancaster. This years theme was ”The Adirondacks”, and there was countless amazing creations done by the employees. Each year they open the display to the public on certain nights and it is always a big hit with both young and old.