Rail Trail



This is a pair of shots looking up the old railroad line near my home.A rail trail is going to be built in the coming months and has been the source of much stress over the past year. For close to 5 years,some of which had me serving as a trail committee member,I was involved in trying to do the right thing for the residents who live along the trail.Two months before the project was set to begin,some moron comes up with the brilliant idea to fill this historic section in with dirt to save money. it is very scenic with rock outcroppings and such but a promised tunnel under a road was said to be too costly,so the idea to add fill actually became reality. It is estimated to take several thousand truck loads of dirt to fill in what was a beautiful corridor,so the lesson I learned is never trust elected officials to do as they promised.

There She Stands


Today marks the Thirteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country on september eleventh of 2001. For me, like countless others, this day is permanently etched into my mind and like most I remember the exact moment it unfolded. For me it was a crystal clear fall day out in the country photographing blue morning glories on a farm, when the radio began to crackle with hints of something unspeakable. I recall driving as fast as I could to get to a television and being glued to it for days. Take a moment today to think of and pray for those who were lost that day, and especially their families who were left to cope with such heartbreak.

Every anniversary of this event, I find myself watching the documentaries on television and each and every time I am instantly taken back to that moment and overcome with a sense of deep despair, and I can’t begin to imagine the heartache for those who never got the chance to hold their loved ones again. I have never been to the twin towers memorial, but I have been to the Shanksville crash site in Pennsylvania and while it is not an over the top memorial, I can definitely say it is a place of quiet reflection that really hits you. I felt this Angel statue from a cemetery in New York was a fitting image for today. It is among my favorite infrared images that I have shot. If you have a moment and care to hear Michael W. Smiths tribute song  to 9-11 called ”There she stands”, I posted a link here.

Michael W. Smith – There She Stands – YouTube