Steampunk Buggy


This passing buggy reminded of the steampunk creations that many people make from industrial items.The mechanical item on the buggy looked like it was some sort of turbo charged addition to make the buggy faster. Steampunk is a fictional genre that combines science fiction and fantasy and people create things that look like real items from an imaginary Victorian era.

Are You Pulling?


This is one of many images that I will be sharing from recent mud sales in my area. The first mud sale I went to was of epic proportions this year as rain fell most of the day on an already soaked ground from winter snow melt. The mud was up to a foot deep in some places and I saw more than one Amish gentleman walk right out of his muck boots as they stuck fast. These two guys are moving a purchased buggy through the mud and it appears if they wonder if the other guy is helping? A mud sale is an auction held in spring and is usually muddy because of spring weather.

The Homestead


This early morning scene complete with hoar-frost on the trees and the moon setting in the background was one that made getting up at 5am worth the effort. I lit everything with my flash and I was pushing the distance envelope with my wireless setup as I fired the camera to trigger my flash as I stood near the house. Sometimes moisture in the air seems to affect wireless transfer of the images to my tablet,which I need to see to tell if I am lighting things properly.I backlit the icy tree to highlight the hoar-frost and blasting the flash at full power on the house gave a good reflection in the water.