Check This One Out

mud-sale-2015q mud-sale-2015p

These Amish girls check out the selection of buggies at the mud sale. Amish customize their buggies in a variety of ways from carpeting to stereos to new led lights.I recently saw one going down the road with blue leds underneath¬†and that’s something I thought I would never see.I also thought I would never see beer cans being thrown out of a buggy but I did a few years back as the youth were sowing their wild oats during whats referred to as rumspringa.

Mud Sale Delivery Crew


DSC_0414 DSC_0394

Amish boys bring their wagons to the mud sales and offer assistance to buyers who need to get purchases to their cars from the auction site.The popularity of the mud sales means parking is hard to come by and walking a half mile or more is not unheard of. For me,I get there around 530 in the morning,get the best parking available and then sleep till the sun comes up. The boys make a few dollars off each patron and the english as they are referred too, love to have the boys help, and for many it is their closest interaction with the Amish. Each worker tries to stand out, and customizing their wagons with signs is all part of the fun as shown in the middle image.The bottom photo shows how muddy it usually is and shows the boys hauling practically anything.

Keenly Aware


As I have said before, the Amish are incredibly aware of their surroundings and capturing images can be a challenge. In this instance at the mud sale,I was practically hidden behind a full skid of wood,and yet as soon as I snapped this shot from forty feet away,he suddenly knew I was there.This was my only image I got without him looking my way.

Fleeting Moment Missed


Yesterday I posted the six boys looking the same direction and after reviewing my images from that day,I realized I had another image of them earlier in the day. This shot stands out in my memory because of the shot I missed right after this one. Whenever I attend events like this were Amish will be attending, I try and lay low below the radar and I try to capture spontaneous moments using long lenses. I snapped this image and immediately looked away to not draw attention to myself but as I glanced back at them I saw the smallest boy had both his thumbs against his cheeks with his hands stretched open and his tongue out as he made the funny face at whoever they were looking at.I no sooner started to lift my camera and he was finished with the show,and I can only imagine the unique shot I would have gotten. The Amish are generally conservative but I do occasionally see glimpses of things that reflect what the rest of the world does and these were just boys being boys.