6 responses to “Smoke

  1. I love these smoke photos ! Very creatively presented. I wonder if I can take pictures like these without a connected flash. Do you have any tips?
    (Oh, by the way, I am Sandy’s friend. She sent me your blog link) 🙂

    • I am not sure what your equipment is, but here is what i suggest. Get some incense,and then find a room with very little air movement. use a close up lens to be able to focus on the smoke details.I used a nikon camera and a wireless flash,so I could sidelight or slightly backlight the smoke. set flash on manual and figure out your f stop and you can have a go at it.I also used a piece of cardboard to shield the flash from throwing any light on my lens and try to only hit the smoke or you will get flare. it is amazing how the smoke creates a rolled pattern sometimes,but it is fleeting,so shoot a lot of frames.hope that helps

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