Spring Fields

These purple flowers are supposedly some species of invasive and yes we have them at our house as well, but this field looked lovely with loads of them in bloom. you have to get just the right angle to see their color at its best and a polarizer helped with the capture. I am sure they will soon get tilled under in preparation for the first crop planting.

Wash Day Rainbow

I have taken shots of Amish clothes hanging out on wash day before but the way these were hung like a color wheel really caught me eye. Not sure if there is a logical reason to hang them like this but I thought it looked great.

Giddy Up

This young Amish boy gets the royal treatment as his two sisters pull him down the back roads around Intercourse,Pa. He turned to look back at me for a short period which was perfect and I even got a shot of his mother smiling at me in another shot.