Back to Basics

In a world of ever increasing gadgets and technology, I find that there seems to be more and more of a disconnect between people and simply saying hello to your neighbors has now been replaced with mind numbing texts and social media postings about absolutely nothing of significance. The term social media is about as far from reality as you can get. Their are a lot in the latest generation that will grow older realizing they have wasted much of their life accomplishing nothing of any substance.

Todays post reminds me of when I was young and instead of wasting time on the phone, my grandpa would take me to the farm shown above and we would cut and load firewood together on weekends. I have heard it said that most people will not remember you for what you accomplished, but rather how you made them feel and I believe that is true. This image resonates simplicity and calm, and I fear the generation coming up will never have those personal interactions that create memories for a lifetime.

The Path Less Traveled

This group of trees provide a nice relaxing welcome home feeling for the homeowners who live at the end of this path. I imagine the cares of the day just melt away as they leave the main road and head back the lane to their little corner of paradise.

Rainy Night Solitude

This is the old train station in Lititz, Pa which now serves as a visitors center. The large building in the back is the former Wilbur chocolate plant that closed and has been renovated into a very beautiful Restaurant, Hotel, select market shops and more. Little by little more rooms are lighting up as the project advances. This was a few days ago and I shot this in the middle of a steady blowing rain storm that was a real challenge to work in. One detail I like is the shadow that was cast toward the camera when I backlit the town clock. Because of the rain, I had very few people going into the park which made it nice to shoot.

See the Potential

This photo was taken last week as I was driving around in search of autumn images. This image was 30-50 feet off the road and what appears to be a large pond in the foreground is actually a 15 foot puddle of rain runoff. To further complicate things, there were two discarded orange traffic cones tossed in the middle of the “pond” that were impossible to reach without getting soaked. I decided it had enough potential to shoot and I would try to clone the cones out in photoshop if possible. Well it was easier than I envisioned and it turned out lovely, but without a keen eye and the ability to see the potential in a small puddle, it would never have come into being. Looking at your subject from different angles and heights, wether high or low can really bring an image to the next level.

We Salute our Tourists

Not much surprises me these days but being given the finger by this Amish boy who was hauling pumpkins with his younger sister made me do a double take. I was simply driving the backroads when I rounded this bend and saw a wagon of pumpkins headed my way. I pulled over to watch it pass and we each nodded to the other and I snapped a few frames as it climbed the hill. As I was ready to leave, in the rear view mirror I see another wagonload heading my way. Once again I waited and took a few shots of this crew heading up the hill,and all of a sudden he turns and flips me off. I wondered what pop on the first wagon might have thought about that. Times, they are a changing. Maybe its the new welcome to Lancaster,county gesture?