Nickel Mine Road


Everyone who enjoys my photography knows I capture a lot of images of the Amish in my area. This photo taken recently shows a dad and his boys heading down the road where the Nickel Mines Tragedy occurred in October of 2006. The tree in the middle is the spot the school once stood and now it is simply a field. The Amish do not erect memorials,so the spot does not draw unwanted attention. I personally remember that day very clearly as I was out taking photos in the countryside and remember how gorgeous a fall day it was and hearing sirens in the distance, and then later seeing the news about this tragic event. In today’s world we hear shocking things practically everyday on the news but this was especially heart wrenching as it was done to the most innocent in our local plain community. I often wonder if I ever captured those who were lost that day but I have no way to know,and even though Amish frown on images of themselves,many will accept a photograph to be kept private to themselves. If you ever want to read an inspiring story, read the book written by the wife of the man who did this. Her name is Marie Monville and her book is titled “one light still shines”.

The Receipt



I noticed this large Amish family heading down the road and they turned into the bank just up the road. The bank had three exits, so I pulled in a space and took my chances and picked one exit I hoped they would use. Surprisingly enough they used that one and I snapped this shot of the girls checking out the receipt as they headed up the road. This is along a very busy road and it was somewhat of a miracle the shot was not only car free but I timed it to get the carriage in the background as well. Shots like this are not luck but more seeing the composition coming together ahead of time and being ready to capture the decisive moment. As it turns out, they also got lollipops which they opened further down the road and that was probably the highlight of the day.

Wimpy and Dees


This is a shot I took yesterday but it’s not exactly what I would like to get at this old-fashioned diner. I heard they had really good food, so the family loaded up to head there and I took my camera just in case. Well exactly a half mile from the place I get one of my wonderful migraines, so my crew went in without me while I let my medicine kick in outside. It was raining lightly and my vision returned to normal so I decided to shoot a quick shot. I took this shot and then took all my gear back to the truck and went in to eat. We were inside a good twenty-five minutes and when we came out, I noticed I left my rear tailgate window wide open with all my gear sitting in there. My heart just dropped and I quickly looked inside and everything was still there. The thing with migraines is they can have a variety of effects on you and sometimes I feel like I am not in a normal state of mind and this was the case in leaving the tailgate open. Thank goodness there was no shady characters here that night. Well the food was delicious and I plan to return often and hopefully the owner will have his old police car parked here so I can give it a serious attempt next time.