Ready to Rumble

Storm clouds build thanks to sunny skies and intense humidity in this shot from the backroads of Lancaster County.


Stacker, Driver, Planters

Saw this farm family utilizing this low rider contraption to plant crops, and you have the youngest loading more trays of plants, while dad drives, and the two older brothers put the plants in the ground.

Infrared Lane

For me, shooting infrared can be a challenge because you sort of have to guess if a certain shot will be great or not so great in infrared because you can’t pre-visualize what the infrared spectrum may be imparting on any given landscape. I hoped this gravel lane with the patch of green grass in the middle would be good and I feel it is a critical part in making this shot appealing.

Rising Waters

This is the resulting image from my wading into the flooded property to get an image. It was at least two feet deep where I put my tripod and the water was barely moving but when I saw the footbridge behind me go from dry to 6 inches under water in a short time, I made my way to dry land rather quickly..