The Wild Mustang is Ready to Run

A friend on mine bought this 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, so I told him about a place I thought would make a great background for a photo. This old farm building with its rusting walls and broken windows turned out better than I could have imagined and the owners were very gracious to let us do this shot on their property. This car sits so low that even though the grass only had a few very minor low spots, I was really worried he would bottom out or rip the front splitter right off, but we got it in and out fine. This car has a lot of features for performance, from carbon fiber wheels that are several thousand a piece to replace, to tires that are almost a foot wide, to an engine putting out over 500 horsepower. Never stand behind one when its starting because it will blast your senses as I unwittingly found out.


Cool Church

This Church is about an hour or so away and I passed it on an excursion I went on. This view is from below in a small valley looking up and I couldn’t stop thinking how great a spot this would be to shoot lightning.

Family Fishing Day

This image was taken on Easter Monday, a time when I usually see a lot of Amish out relaxing with family and friends. This group went fishing and was working a small area beneath this bridge but there were multiple twisted fishing lines that mom had to constantly unravel, not to mention dodge as hooks whipped by faces in a very care free way. The one thing you might notice is the toddler looking over the ledge on the left and at one point she started to climb but thankfully got told no right away. It is maybe a 12 foot drop onto some rocks and thank goodness all went well. The other thing is it is a main road right behind them and tractor trailers were going by every couple of minutes and they are literally feet from them flying by. I am not criticizing their methods but merely sharing what I see because I know from personal experience how quickly things can go sideways.

About 9 years ago when our daughter was just getting her feet under her as a toddler, I was in charge of watching her one Saturday. I put her in her crib for a nap and she quickly fell asleep and so did I on the couch 5 minutes later. A while later I was awoken by what I can only describe as a metallic clanging sound, so I jumped up, ran to the kitchen and there was my daughter with the utensil drawer open and she was holding 3 of our longest/sharpest carving knives! So to summarize, she climbed out of her crib, opened a drawer she could barely reach, and then pulled out the most dangerous knives we own to play with! I remember thinking just one trip with those three butcher knives and no one would have believed a toddler could do all that because to this day even I am puzzled how she pulled it off. After that I became a little crazy with buying safety latches for drawers, door knobs and anything a little explorer might get into. A few years ago I went outside to find someones toddler out walking alone on our sidewalk, which blew my mind but then I see mom running in a panic after she realized her little one had left himself out the front door.