Archival prints are available at very reasonable prices for any photo shown on my site. Contact me at the above email if you see something you might like a print of.

Thanks Donald Reese


38 responses to “Contact

  1. Don, thanks for keeping me in mind! Congrats on your new website and very informative background on clockmaker and time and effort involved wish my mentor was the same! Your info on shutter and aperture on manual have really helped me with sunsettings ! Still going strong in photography when still figuring out shrinking to e-mail you. Still hoping have me in mind for older prints small scale; will gladly contribute!
    Gene springer
    Thanks again

  2. wow!!!!! beautiful work……….love the delightful pictures of antiques in every picture, and the way the light falls on things!!! AMAZING.

  3. Donald,
    Your photographs are wonderful. As an amateur photography myself could you share what equipment you use and how your pictures seem to have a “painting” look to them please? How much post-processing do you typically do? Thank you.

    • AS far as I am concerned,capture is only half the equation. working in photoshop to bring the shot to how you remember it is the other half. I use regular 35 mm digital equipment and always on a tripod. I use flash and spotlights diffused to light some of my subjects,if thats what you mean by painting?

  4. Don, how about going back Zum Auker Alley to feature Sonnie’s Secret. It’s a wonderful boutique for women. I’m sure she would appreciate it.

  5. Don; a quick note regarding the Amish reflective vest project. The Amish community approached the Extension Nurse Educator with the request for assistance in beginning this project. Not all Bishops agreed, but many did and the project has spread. The fatality rate for the Anabaptist community has caught their attention it appears. Thanks for receiving this message and your photos are superb.

  6. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Amazing pictures… have such a great eye for seeing our world at its best. When I have more time, I want to go back into the archives and see what I missed. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us. Cathy Holz

  7. I just saw your ephrata downtown Christmas decorations picture with the reuzit, hometown refurnishing and art store. Is a print available for purchase? It is beautiful and I’d love to hang it in n my home. Thank you!

  8. Just dropping in to say I hope all is well with you. I have missed my morning pics and want you to know how much I enjoy them. Totally understand busy….just hoping all is ok and sending you good wishes.

    • Thanks,had health things and was a little burned out from my Christmas shooting endeavors,so my drive to shoot has been a little subdued lately. Spring is coming and hopefully I will be more enthusiastic by then.Traditionally winter has been a very depressing time for me,but this year it has not hit so hard as can come and go in the blink of an eye, and often times I want to be totally left alone.its something i never could understand and explaining it to normal people makes no sense to them. they usually think you are trying to be that way and can just get over it. anyway thanks for the message.

      • Totally understand the winter thing going on. Definitely not something you can just “get over”. Hope you are feeling better. Also get why Christmas wore you out….your photos were fantastic! Made me want to visit my son in December! I love your work. Have you ever had one printed on metal? My son and I were talking about how cool it could be to print the Lititz Butcher shop one on metal. What do you charge for your prints?

      • thanks,mpix used to have a metallic paper that was awesome,but no i have never got a metallic,although they are amazing. you would have to figure what size and then i could figure a price. a lot of my lititz ones would be cool that way.

  9. Mr. Resse,
    Wow! Thanks you so much for sharing these incredible storm and rainbow images of Weaverland Mennonite Church. Your reflection of the experience is also quite telling. Thank you for enduring the storm to capture these amazing shots! Indeed these images reflect the stormy world in which the church and people of faith are placed while also standing on the the eternal promises of God as evidenced through the rainbow. These photos tell the story of God. May God bless you for sharing your gift with us.

    Lead Pastor Brian Martin

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