Slow and Slower


The Original Porta-Potty


This set of outhouses were loaded on the wagon for transport and since its not something you see everyday,I thought I would snap a shot.I have seen numerous one room schools in my area working on their outhouses and my thought is that the government is imposing some new rules on them and that is why they are being worked on.

Exploding Umbrella


This was one of those images that just fell in my lap this past weekend.I was out in search of severe weather and the storms were approaching quickly.Suddenly the winds picked up significantly and at the same time these three Amish girls were heading up the road to visit friends.The umbrella blew inside out just as they past me,which had the three of them laughing and I managed to capture this shot as she wrestled the contraption.

Don’t Look Down

siloThese two Amish men were pressure washing this barn roof for some reason,and they had one single rope haphazardly laying across the roof.The guy on the left has no rope and it was at least 40-50 feet to the ground so he must have little fear of height,at least till he trips.They say it’s not the fall that kills you,it’s the sudden stop.