Modes of Transport


This is an image from the past and includes an Amish buggy pausing to let a hot air balloon drift across the road in front off him.I apologize for my lack of posting recently but the stresses of life have taken the wind out of my sails right  now.

Front Row Seat


This Amish child is enjoying the best seat around as mom heads to the local store. I was parked at a store and saw them coming and managed to get this shot.The kid was waving as they came down the road but I have no idea who she was waving too.

Finicky Foxglove


The ever popular Foxglove has always been a rather frustrating flower for me to try and grow in my garden,so when I see displays like this,I just stand in awe. We tried several times to use them in the garden,but either they die off and never return or blow over and get destroyed.We staked them and tried a variety of ideas but finally gave up.Someday I hope to visit an area like the Cotswolds in England, where cottage gardening is an art form.This was at Longwood Gardens.