Evening Stroll

Candles in the Rain

I have come up with a new way to do cool luminary type shots and instead of hauling bags with sand and candles that weigh a ton, I now have switched to these extremely light real wax candles that have an led bulb in them. They have the perfect color temperature to mimic a candle and they actual flicker like a candle. I did this shot while it was raining and the way everything shimmered on the stone path was just gorgeous. This building is somewhat high with the steeple and can be hard to capture when including the foreground like this, so I cropped a bit.

Cafe Chocolate

This is one shot from my store front series in Lititz, Pa this year. It is Cafe Chocolate and the window was very lovely. The main problem I had here was the Chocolate Santa was rotating constantly and with the lighting technique I use,it presented a challenge. This town is wonderful when it comes to people giving me access to shoot stuff and as I was setting up, I thought the table was rather boring in the front, so I went across the street to the book store and asked if I could borrow a couple of books? They gladly obliged and I think it helped bring it all together.

In the Nick of Time

Been busy shooting winter scenes so my posting has been a bit delayed lately. Here is one I really like that features a gorgeous old home all decked out for Christmas. We had a light snow so I headed here to do this shot, but when I got there, no one was home and no lights were on. I set up and started capturing images just in case and just at the point I was starting to think it was not going to happen, the owners pull in and I yell, quick turn on as many lights as you can. It was funny to watch each room get turned on and the shot come to life in the nick of time.

Just Hanging Out

This little scene caught my eye as I was heading on a short trip. I passed a lane a half mile before this one and there were three girls sitting on their lunch boxes almost identical to this and it looked adorable. As I was contemplating turning around, just ahead I saw the same thing and could not believe it. I scrambled to get the camera out because this is a busy stretch and I knew it would be one chance and done. The shot is a little shaky because it unfolded so quick yet I still I like the moment.