Treacherous Travels



Winter is still holding on but a few days of mild weather produced a very foggy day recently. I was coming down this road and noticed the trees looked nice with the foggy layering and off in the distance I heard the buggy coming,even though I could not see him yet.All of a sudden he materialized in the mist and I managed to get this image with him in a good composition.Wish I had gotten lower to get his reflection in the puddle too but it was a very fleeting moment. If you would have seen how thick the fog was,you would think they were crazy for being on the road.We have had more buggy accidents in our area in the last year than I can remember for many years combined.Mostly distracted drivers but not always,and the poor horse always loses.

Imagine The Potential



Todays post features an image that I envisioned in my mind and thanks to the owners of the property,I was allowed the opportunity to go for it. I had stopped here to get permission to shoot another image and as I drove up the lane, it became obvious to me that more photo possibilities existed. I had a box of luminaries at home and could envision them lining the lane leading to the house on this winter night.The owners thought it might be a cool shot and encouraged me to try it. I arrived an hour before sunset and started to place the luminaries and then started to light them. I brought two lighters from home that I tested before leaving and when I tried to use them at the location,they no longer worked? Thankfully I brought matches as well,but the thing that really amazed me was the owners were going away as I was trying the lighters, and they told me to just go in their house because there were several lighters in the kitchen I could use. I said I absolutely was not going to go in their house,especially since we just met that morning.The matches worked and thankfully I got the shot I had imagined. I think the luminaries provide a nice leading line for the eye to follow.

Winter Retreat



The plow made a pass by this old homestead leaving a trail that was quickly covered by heavy snowfall.The lanterns illuminate the landscape as evening falls and another winter storm draws to a close.Everyone has gone to bed in anticipation of morning chores that await.

Full Moon Calling



It seems every winter I try to find the right timing for a clear full moon night with lots of snow cover to shoot and it never comes together. Well this past week I got lucky enough to have everything align so I could try a few shots.This particular night started out cloudy but the weather channel predicted clear skies later that night so I headed out at 10pm to look around.I ended up at this location and of course got lost in shooting till my wife called at eleven to ask where I was, and I said I might be out a little bit yet and don’t wait up.The next time I looked at my watch it was one in the morning,so I felt it might be time to call it a night. The rippled snow had excellent texture and it was not too bitter,so I could concentrate on getting the shots. For me the full moon has proven to be a bit of a pain,literally,as I get migraines and I lost track a long time ago how many times the full moon triggered them.Sometimes I get the full-blown headache/visual problem and other times I just feel like I am in a fog,and for a while I thought it was my imagination till I started documenting them and reading that others have had similar effects.Thankfully this night proved to be just a great full moon experience.