Get out of my way!


Here is a grab shot along the highway yesterday.Nothing special but the enormous load dwarfing the tractor-trailer caught my attention. I can only imagine what the drivers nerves are like as he transports this monstrosity in the rain and worries about someone pulling out in front of him. Stopping on a dime would not be an option.

Washed Up



For the past year or so I have posted new images each day and want to thank the more than three hundred followers that have been kind enough to join my photo blog in that time. To be honest, I have come to the realization that I am spending too much time taking photos and trying to keep my blog current, so things will be more sporadic from this point. The fact that I have close to 62,000 views in a year is great,but I am getting the feeling that it really does not mean a hill of beans to anyone what I do here,so consequently I will be doing random photo posts as opportunities arise.Right now life in general seems to be closing in on me,so simplifying things is my goal. The old washed up boat pretty much reflects how I feel right now. Maybe I will heed my daughter’s request and start taking my Happy Pills that have been sitting unused in the medicine cabinet for the last year. Catch you all later