Wash Day Color

amish-washdayWash day in Amish country can be a rainbow of color.This is one of many aspects about the Amish that I have no clue about.They are very reserved in general,but they seem to like colorful things as well,which to me seems ironic,but I have many things I do not totally understand about them,but that is fine.

Reflecting On Summer


This buggy load of local residents enjoy a cool summer ride with temperatures near seventy-two degrees.The young lad on the back is adjusting the reflector and was oblivious to my snapping the photo.I like the colors they wear,but wonder if they have any significance?

Roadside Mum Stand


This local farm stand sells mums by the hundreds and that is a fact. there is a field behind here that has a couple hundred mums in each color and if there was only a nice farm I could include,it would be awesome.Years ago,it was very rustic,but now they put up signage and plastic roofs and it lost its cool factor.I managed to capture a buggy going by the display out by the road.