Evening Sky


Evening begins to take over as the last light of the day still hits the clouds in the background. I barely got this image before the light totally faded.

Impending Storm


This evening was filled with intense summer storms and I actually was running errands when the storm came in rather quickly. I happened to have a camera with me but not my usual setup,so I was stuck shooting handheld out the truck window. I pulled in here because lightning was happening behind the silos and getting closer but trying to shoot lightning in the daylight is very tough. It got to the point where lightning was firing right above the silos and with my window down I was getting a little nervous. I decided to fire several bursts of ten shots in a row and hoped I would get lucky, and on the second set of shots the lightning left loose in a series of 3 or 4 strong flickers right over the right silo. I was so excited that I captured it, but after reviewing the camera lcd, I was sadly disappointed to see no lightning? After I thought about it,I came to the conclusion that it was a bad choice to shoot at a 250th of a second and shooting more around a 30th of a second might have been slow enough to catch the flicker. the fast shutter speed was most likely capturing everything between the bursts. This image is one taken right before the rain left loose.

Nickel Mine Road


Everyone who enjoys my photography knows I capture a lot of images of the Amish in my area. This photo taken recently shows a dad and his boys heading down the road where the Nickel Mines Tragedy occurred in October of 2006. The tree in the middle is the spot the school once stood and now it is simply a field. The Amish do not erect memorials,so the spot does not draw unwanted attention. I personally remember that day very clearly as I was out taking photos in the countryside and remember how gorgeous a fall day it was and hearing sirens in the distance, and then later seeing the news about this tragic event. In today’s world we hear shocking things practically everyday on the news but this was especially heart wrenching as it was done to the most innocent in our local plain community. I often wonder if I ever captured those who were lost that day but I have no way to know,and even though Amish frown on images of themselves,many will accept a photograph to be kept private to themselves. If you ever want to read an inspiring story, read the book written by the wife of the man who did this. Her name is Marie Monville and her book is titled “one light still shines”.