Welcoming Home

This old farm-house has been lovingly cared for by the owners for as far back as I can remember and since I only grew up about two blocks from here I saw it pretty often. It is hard to tell that it sits on a hill but way back in my youth the Boro used to actually block off this street for us kids to sled down. I told the owners I would be doing a photo outside in the rain so they turned all kind of lights on for me. I finished up and went to say goodbye and they asked if I wanted to see their Christmas tree?  Well being the nostalgic old-timer I am, I took a look and decided I just had to try to capture the magic. Again they were very accommodating because I noticed the hardwood floor was very reflective but there was an area rug covering most of the nice wood, so we moved the rug out and got this great reflection across the floor. Imagine a snowy winter night outside and you are snuggled up on the chair with visions of candy canes dancing in your head.

Almost Run Over

One of my Christmas images from this year and it was almost my last too. The area where the tree is situated is an island in this small town and occasionally a car will make a loop around the island. I was facing toward the camera and was standing right beside the curb when a car blows by me no more than a foot away. I am positive they never saw me in my black sweatshirt, so someone was watching over me that evening.