Peaceful Cabin Retreat

Most of those who visit my website know I have been battling depression for a while and this year has been particularly hard on me because of numerous things that currently rest on my shoulders and it all feels like a huge anchor dragging me down. I have days where I wonder if the way I feel will become intense enough to where I will just decide I’ve had enough and call it a day?  The mind is a very powerful thing and some days I feel absolutely worthless and think I have not done a single thing that amounts to anything in my life and why bother and then several hours later it seems to relent and I am glad I did not let it get the best of me. For whatever reason a lot of artistic types fight very similar battles to mine and those who have departed strike very close to my heart and I completely understand their decisions. I know I am not alone with these problems and realize many are much worse, so life goes on.

I have no idea why I feel the need to share some of this stuff but this post today reminds me that one of the things that brings me great satisfaction is my photography and being creative but that passion is being overwhelmed by these struggles. The above photo was taken back in July and I now finally found the enthusiasm to share it here so that gives you an idea of where I am at.

The shot was one I saw earlier this particular day when the light was terrible so all I could think about was would the owner let me into the yard to shoot it that evening?  I was completely surprised that the owner was very receptive to letting me take this and offered to turn porch lights on and even dimmed them to the perfect level for me. This log cabin sits right by a creek and is a great place to sit and sip lemonade on hot summer evening or perhaps hot chocolate as we head into fall.


About to Let Loose

This shot pretty much sums up how I feel these days, fairly frequent bombardment of very dark thinking and I rarely have the enthusiasm to go out shooting these days. Wish I could share more images like before but most days I feel like staying to myself. No one really understands this and just thinks your some eccentric nut job because you avoid interaction quite a bit. At least night-time gives me a break while I am sleeping.

Wishes Can Come True

This beautiful wishing well is a new addition to Historic Poole Forge near Churchtown ,Pa.  The wishing well was a concept that executive director Dawn Ekdahl had for quite some time as a way for the many photographers who visit here to donate a little extra change to help keep the place looking great. Doing a project of this caliber takes money and talent and thanks to a generous donation from a local family, it came to fruition. The Ansbach family provided the financial support and dedicated a plaque which reads, In memory of a great lady. Janet Tobias Ansbach. A loyal wife, mother, and a great friend. One crucial part of this was finding a great stone mason and the result speaks of his talent. How someone can fit so many odd-shaped stones into a circle that is so tight and perfect is incredible. A local machinist and steel smith named Mike Malamon created all the inside mechanics to keep the water flowing as well.

Bloom where you are Planted

I just happened to be rounding a corner when this little scene unfolded before me. Amish around here have been making these painted wooden flowers in a variety of hues, and I was lucky enough to get mom restocking the supply while her young daughter looks like she is ready to bloom as well and give walking a try.

A Labor of Love

I was in the area last year where this home is located and there was a painted bicycle with flower baskets in the front yard that caught my eye . I knocked and was greeted by a very nice lady who said I could gladly photograph the bike. I commented on the nice porch she had and she said she had plans to paint everything in the coming year. Well fast forward to a week ago and I drive by to see that it has in fact been painted and is full of flowers as well. I knocked again and was told I could gladly shoot the front, so I came back that evening and did this shot. One nice touch is the porch lanterns use tea lights and they actually come on with a hand-held remote. I love the color choice utilizing the greens and purples and the complimentary pink petunias. My theory is the lady who owns this place uses her landscaping and decorating ideas as a way to relax and counter the exhilarating work she does as a wing walker? Thats just my theory but after watching her perform on YouTube at air shows, it’s not for the faint of heart and very few people are able to perform on top of a plane wing as she does. I would need a lot of gardening to de-stress from such an occupation.