Toddlers pulling Toddlers?


This is exactly the type of trailer I used to haul my daughter around in while it was attached to my bike, but if the kid is only riding a tricycle that is pulling this,then how small are the passengers?  Wish I had gotten to see it because I am sure it would have been interesting.

Winter Trek


An Amish buggy makes its way along a picturesque road in Lancaster County,Pa. The temperature was 12 degrees when this was shot so you can imagine they were bundled up. The were using 4 hoof drive so no chance of getting stuck.

Steel History


If you have never been to the Bethlehem Steel plant to see the facility, I would highly recommend a visit. The minds that created this monstrosity must have been very intelligent,and to see it up close on the catwalk leaves you speechless. The intertwining of pipes, walkways, conveyers and everything else that was needed in the process is just amazing. I spoke to a lady who worked here in its heyday and she said she would come to work and there would be limos lined up with all the big shots arriving at the plant. I asked her about its demise and she said the reason was everything from the unions to cheap foreign steel coming in to other theories tossed about over the years.

The High Ground


A small corner of this Bethlehem cemetery includes several crosses.The sun was setting behind this scene when I drove past here and I stopped at the bottom of the cemetery to get a shot. The problem was it was surrounded by a 7 foot wall and the gate was locked,so I had to drive around the block to find the open entrance. I hurriedly drove up the lane and jumped out to get the shot before it was gone, but the strange thing was after this shot was done,I went up the hill toward my truck and did a second shot and I am alone in this place and at least a hundred yards from any house and I hear a voice that sounds like it is on the other side of my truck. It was so clear that I walked around my truck twice looking for the person? no explanation for that one but it left me wondering what I heard.