It’s Not All Black and White


I found a new favorite composition while out in Amish country and hope this is just the start of great shots to come. I really liked the way the barns on each side of the road framed the barn in the distance plus the winding road going through the shot. I set my tripod up and used my wifi Camranger and tablet to shoot remotely from my truck to get this. I particularly like the contrast between the colorful trio of Amish on the right and the conservative tones worn by those on the left. The girl on the left buggy is turned away from the other buggy,almost like she disapproves but that is merely conjecture and probably totally wrong on my part,and she might have seen my camera and decided to look away.

Amish Barn Raising


Working together to rebuild a burned down barn, these Amish workers rebuilt this entire structure in three days.It is something I have witnessed a few times over the years and it is a great lesson in teamwork and community support.

The Art Walk


We live along a rail trail in our town and I have what is known as the Gnome village that I created for children of all ages to inspire their imagination. In the next town along the trail, a local artist has also taken the time to add his artistic touches to an old building that was being vandalized regularly. Artist Shaun Hogarth was tired of seeing the beauty of the trail ruined by a careless few,so he has been creating masterpieces like this whenever he gets permission from the property owner. The trail is quickly becoming a favorite place to hike,bike and spend time with family enjoying the beauty along the way.

Synchronized Scootering


These Two Amish siblings are in perfect synchronization as they scoot along the country road. I actually own one of these scooters,but I electrified mine for easier travel. I did it after seeing an Amish guy with an electric version and speaking to him about it.

Rake it Up


When you are in the farming business, being efficient is a top priority and this farmer raking hay is a good example of that. The multiple wheels with teeth on the end progressively spin the crop to the center,making nice rows to be bundled later.

Village Quilts


The quaint little town of Intercourse,Pa is considered by many as ground zero for tourists visiting Lancaster county and wishing to get a glimpse of the local Amish community. I personally consider the area around Intercourse to be among my favorite local destinations when I want to photograph local scenes. This quilt shop is located right in the heart of town and has been on my mind to shoot for a little while. I was actually out chasing storms and having no luck with the skies, so as I headed through town here,I decided to swing in and see what it looked like. Almost instantly I noticed the slate sidewalk was all wet from the storm and was reflecting lovely color from the lights. The icing on the cake was the multiple windows with illumination inside and the warm feeling they provided. I think they must use the upstairs as a B&B because all the shops were closed and there was a lot of activity in the rooms.

Stained Glass


We have a picket fence at our house and I always liked this fence and home in a town nearby so I stopped to try a shot this past weekend. The arched stained glass window provided a nice accent to the garden out front and a little added illumination from my flash helped things pop a bit.

Best Seat in the House


Well it might not be the best seat but it is the most interesting one. Everyone was all decked out in blue on this Amish buggy and chips were the snack of the day. You don’t often see a wooden chair on a buggy but maybe she wanted an elevated view.

Welcome to My World


When you visit Lancaster county and you traverse the many quiet country roads, you usually don’t have to go too far till you get behind some piece of farm equipment heading to a field. This behemoth caught my eye because the cars looked like toys as they lined up behind it. Around here, this might be considered congestion.

Raspberries For Sale


I saw the two boys selling raspberries along the road and they were unaware of me at first,then all of a sudden a third head pops out from behind the wagon and sees me. I am not sure where the raspberries were,because all I could see were flowers.

The Young Mechanic


This youngster appeared to be diagnosing engine trouble on this tractor as I drove by. Till I turned around to get a shot,he was already on the other side, so either he knew what he was doing or was playing the role perfectly. He had to be around 8-10 years old but already he was ready to fill pops shoes.

Saddle Up Cowpokes

amish-kids-pony-toy2 amish-kids-pony-toy

This shot is another good example of being in the right place at the right moment. I was driving around a while and not seeing much worth capturing and as I came down this back road, there was a large group of Amish playing volleyball. I usually have to make quick decisions on whether I am going to try a shot or not and in this instance a volleyball came bouncing across the road in front of me as I approached. I stopped my vehicle to let them retrieve the ball and in doing so all attention was on me in my truck. Needless to say I did not shoot the group staring at me, but as I pulled away I noticed the same property had a driveway up ahead and it looked like a couple of kids were riding something and heading up toward the road. I readied the camera and managed to focus and get a few frames off before they headed back down the drive. These Amish kids were riding the neatest little ponies on wheels and for all I know they were built by the parents. Had it not been for that volleyball crossing the road and me stopping,these kids would have been nowhere within range to get these images. The Amish are generally very private ,so I find it very rewarding to be able to find unique images and capture what I feel are little glimpses into their lives.

Rising Clouds


Was driving around taking pictures and saw these intense cloud formations off in the distance. Many times you have to find the right combination of foreground subject distance to the clouds in the background. A telephoto lens helped bring the two together for a dramatic result.