Talking in the Lane


This lane runs between two country roads and is a public access. I was heading through when I came across this group just talking on a sunday evening. After no movement to let me through,I leaned out the window to get a shot and that motivated them to clear the path.

Amish Volleyball Sunset


This image was taken two minutes after I shot the photo of the Amish boys I posted yesterday. The Amish love their volleyball and many are actually quite good. I have played competitively in the past and I see their skills at setting, hitting, and passing and it is impressive. When I parked to get the teens on the road yesterday, others were playing volleyball about 75 yards away in a field. As the sun got lower on the horizon, it slowly started to lose intensity, which I was waiting for to get some shots. I noticed they just finished a game and were slapping hands after the game,so I snapped a quick shot as a test for exposure. As soon as they walked off the court,they took the net down and that was it. Thankfully I got this image.

An Evening With Friends

amish-buddies2 amish-buddies

I have always felt my photography has a guiding hand helping me because sometimes I just can’t believe what I am blessed to find on my travels. I headed out a week or so ago to shoot nasty storms and even though they never materialized, I was fortunate enough to find a few Amish teens on the back roads. The group shown here were standing along the road and when I passed the girls yelled something, so I figured they were in a good mood, so I continued up the road and parked and hoped they would eventually head my way. It was not long till the guys headed my way and as they got within range of my longer lens, they spontaneously put their arms around each other and seemed unfazed by my presence. My 400mm lens is rather slow and it was getting dark,so out of 8 shots,I thankfully had two keepers. I never noticed when I was shooting these but the guy in the white shirt is wearing a belt made of real daisy flowers. It was one of those evenings driving around that I will always remember and reminds me why I love Amish country and the gift of photography that I am blessed to have.

Lollipop,Lollipop,oh Lolli Lollipop


The evening I captured this image was the first time I had gone out photographing in quite a while and it far exceeded what I could have imagined I would get. This photo was one of about six images that I was very glad to have captured that evening and it was taken along a farm lane I was driving on.I was just meandering along when I saw these four Amish kids with lollipops running toward me in the distance. I slowed down,leaned out the window and snapped about 5 frames. I guess their mother never told them not to run with something in their mouth.

Barn Raising Fun


A local Amish barn burned recently and in Amish tradition they were busy rebuilding a few days later. This shot was taken from close to one hundred yards away and was pushing the envelope for the lens I was using. It includes a few of the kids playing in the pasture where all the buggies were parked. This playful moment lasted all but 5 seconds but thankfully I was already focused on the spot and was able to record it.

Heading Home


These three Amish girls were sitting right at the end of this farm lane that meets a busy road. I pulled off the road across the street and as I was getting ready to snap a photo, they turned and looked right at me. Every once in a while, I still hesitate when I see these scenes and for whatever reason,this was one of those times. I found myself saying drive by again later and as I pulled up,this buggy was leaving and created a better image than before and thankfully they never looked back.

The Boat


This gem is a great example of styling that wont be repeated anytime soon. The interior was huge and you could fit a prius in the trunk. I always liked the fins on the old Cadillacs and if I had to pick one classic as my favorite,it would be next to impossible. This car is as big as a small boat.

The Fly-N-A


york-rods-2016f3york-rods-2016f2 york-rods-2016f

This street rod was one of my favorites from the show. The wild paint job and the surf board on the roof made for a really cool ride. It was in a very tough spot to get a good shot so this had to do.The license plate read FLY-N-A. Top two shots in color and bottom taken in infrared.

Sitting Low



Here are two versions of my next street rod show series images. These old beauties have such elegant lines and styling. Hard to figure how they were so capable to design such timeless shapes back then and even though todays cars are nice,they can’t hold a candle to the classics of yesteryear. Cloudy skies helped with the drama.

Spooky Cool


This is the second vehicle I shot at the street rod nationals. Stormy skies added to the drama in this shot of the 1955 dodge panel truck emblazoned with Pappy’s Mortuary and there was even a homemade coffin in the back that opened to reveal the “body”. You never know what you might come across at this top notch show.

Drag Strip Division

york-rods-2016 york-rods-2016a

The next week or so will include images I shot at the East Coast Street Rod Nationals in York,Pa. I am not a regular car show visitor but this show always has vehicles that are absolutely amazing and I go when I can. If you have a car or truck that is stunning, you can always count on the fact that just around the corner there will be one equal or better. Personally I look for shots with no people,canopies or junk and a show of this magnitude makes it very hard to accomplish that. This truck caught my eye where it was parked and it is a 1932 ford truck owned by Steve Turner. The white area and lettering is from the mid fifties and the new rear fenders needed painted, so the red parts got fresh paint. Steve says it rides like a small,cramped,noisy truck but it is great fun. If you take notice, the black and white version which was shot with my infrared camera, did not register the red wording on the hood. Infrared is something that puzzles me to this day but the way it records clouds and foliage is always neat.

A Family Affair


In Lancaster County, having a good work ethic is very important and this family is learning all the nuances of spring planting as they walk beside and watch the process. Big sister is carrying little brother on her back after he grew tired and she carried him a good hundred yards down the field.There are actually two more people just below the driver at ground level on seats and they place the plants in the ground as the hole is made.