A Bouquet of Beauties


This is the kind of shot I really enjoy capturing because it is spontaneous, very fleeting and a moment you never see coming till it unfolds right in front of you. I managed to snap seven quick images from the car of them picking dandelions, before they noticed me and that was all she wrote.Everything came together in this brief moment,from their positions to the tree framing them in the background.

Your Carriage Awaits

beautiful-carriage beautiful-carriage2

I wish I owned this thing just so I could haul it around and photograph it. I am not sure why you would let something so nice sit outside in the rain when there is a barn thirty feet away but what do I know? There is a second carriage located here that looks like it was made for cinderella and I shot that a while back. If you want to see that shot,search my site for The stroke of midnight. Again it is hard to pick which version I like best.

Better Late than Never


This is a shot I took last Christmas and actually forgot to work on. So in the process of archiving files,I came across the almost forgotten shot. It was an involved shot and I almost dreaded working on it, but the owners were so nice the night I shot it, I felt compelled to finish it,even if it is several months late.

Dinosaurs at the Museum



A local museum is holding an exhibit on dinosaurs and they had two on display outside. They had a motion sensor which complicated things for me because I often shoot multiple exposures and visitors kept stopping and setting the thing in motion. It was very natural in the way it moved. The two versions shown were shot in infrared for the black and white version and color for the version where I lit everything with flash.

VW Classics

vwdub There was a small VW show not too far from home yesterday so I decided to venture out for an hour or so and check things out. I was immediately drawn to these cool VW classics,with their sleek lines,cool colors and unique design. If I had hit the lottery, I might just buy one because they really are the epitome of cool and laid back, but after talking to two owners, I realized there won’t be any sitting in my driveway anytime soon. I asked what would something like this sell for? I silently guessed maybe $40,000, and was quickly flabbergasted when one owner told me $125,000,and the other said $150,000 for theirs. I would have the thing roped off if it was mine,and the one owner told me they have had kids climb all over it at shows till they quickly tell the parents what its worth. they really do make a statement with their sweet style and design. Some had safari windows that are basically a flip out front windshield, which I was told were a necessity in south America where many of these originally were located. The safari window allowed air to blow through because it was like an oven inside.