Worth the Effort

This scene was something I saw while driving across a long bridge and despite traffic going at least 55 mph,I decided to park at the end of the bridge and walk to the middle to shoot this.I am not a point and shoot kind of guy , so of course I had to set up my tripod on the edge of the bridge , all the while cars flew by about six to eight feet away. For shots like this, I would go for it every time.

Clothes for Sale

I think this might be the first time in my travels that I have ever seen Amish put clothing on a rack for sale along the road. I should have bought some because I think I have a secret desire to become Amish but then again I would not look that good in a dress.

The Cleaning Crew

This was a real spur of the moment shot as I pulled up to a stop sign in small town Intercourse Pa,and saw these three Amish girls on some sort of cleaning excursion. I had enough time to roll my window down get three shots off and they were out of sight behind the bushes on the left. They are almost in perfect sync with their stride.

Shrouded in Mystery

Heavy fog envelopes the landscape and creates layers of depth.This is in a local park and while I was shooting here,joggers would suddenly appear out of the mist and just as quickly they would fade from sight. The sun made an appearance and was subdued by the heavy fog.

See the Possibilities

I took this image last night for two reasons.The first was to see what it might look like with luminaries here in the winter, and the second was to illustrate what you can do with a little imagination and effort.The top photo is what I envisioned here and the bottom is what it looked like when I first got there. As the light level drops, the colors change and the interplay of light and dark changes and becomes more balanced and there is a certain point where everything is as close as possible to perfect. I knew I wanted to light the trees to reflect in the water and was kind of surprised my tablet and remote worked this far from the camera when I was all the way over at the trees with my flash. I also used my tablet to operate the camera on live view to see exactly where to place the luminaries when I had only myself to rely on to place them before it got dark. A few luminaries on the left would have been nice but I did not have time to put any there. The land owner also was very helpful by hiding the cars at the farm on the right.

Autumn Rain

I really like shooting in the rain,but I hate trying to keep everything safe and dry while doing so. This was taken last night after I had the urge to shoot something fall related. This is a local historic site and I noticed the stone wall on this runoff area had been redone and thought it looked nice with water flowing through as it poured all around me. I would like to say I planned how everything lined up but in this case it was pure luck. I set up my composition before dusk and waited for the light level to drop and after sitting there for a half hour I noticed the two lamp posts on the left were lined up with my flowing water and I thought if only they would light up and reflect in the water. Now I know they had electrical problems with these lights last year and they were not working so I figured it was hopeless but low and behold they come on just when I needed them too. I actually wore hip waders here because I knew I might want to walk up the stream bed and I was glad I had them on.

Sudbury Massachusets

This is very first scene I shot on my New England trip. When I got here there were a lot of people,so I headed 60 miles north for the afternoon and returned toward dusk to hopefully have the place to myself. Well that plan quickly went south as some lady decides to do a portrait session right in the middle of the mill by the waterwheel. Now I understand it is open to anyone but she shot the same person for 45 minutes and everything she shot was too close to the mill to even include anything but some stone,so she really seemed to have no clue and I was getting close to saying something when she finally packed up. I walked around and lit everything with flash as it started getting dark.