A Labor of Love

I was in the area last year where this home is located and there was a painted¬†bicycle with flower baskets in the front yard that caught my eye . I knocked and was greeted by a very nice lady who said I could gladly photograph the bike. I commented on the nice porch she had and she said she had plans to paint everything in the coming year. Well fast forward to a week ago and I drive by to see that it has in fact been painted and is full of flowers as well. I knocked again and was told I could gladly shoot the front, so I came back that evening and did this shot. One nice touch is the porch lanterns use tea lights and they actually come on with a hand-held remote. I love the color choice utilizing the greens and purples and the complimentary pink petunias. My theory is the lady who owns this place uses her landscaping and decorating ideas as a way to relax and counter the exhilarating work she does as a wing walker? Thats just my theory but after watching her perform on YouTube at air shows, it’s not for the faint of heart and very few people are able to perform on top of a plane wing as she does. I would need a lot of gardening to de-stress from such an occupation.


Cooler Days

Oh how I wish we had a little of this right now. Today is forecast for 98 degrees and crazy humidity. On the upside, my friend from Vietnam says this is cool weather where he is from. These are Mennonite men clearing snow for the Sunday service.