Hay is Stacked


Pumpkin Wagon Train


Sometimes I think I have someone directing my photographs and this is an example of that. I was out looking for fall images when I crested the hill and this scene was right there in front of me.You can call it coincidence if you want but they were in the exact composition I wanted and literally a minute later they were done and heading back the farm. They all were laughing as they were hard at work and I was snapping pictures. This is just outside a little town called Farmersville in Lancaster county.

Beary good Friends


Sometimes I am surprised at the things I see in the Amish community and admittedly I am no expert in all things Amish so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. The two girls on this buggy had their teddy bear along for the ride in the middle and I was surprised they even had a teddy bear for some reason.I liked the way it appeared as if the teddy bear had its arm on the girls back. The girl on the right also threw a couple of candy wrappers onto the road,which annoyed me but mom had no idea so I guess kids are the same wherever you go. Heck I even saw a buggy the other night with intense blue led lights shining onto the road underneath and music thumping from inside,which blew my mind a bit.