Make Your Case


I photographed this pair of Case tractors recently after trying to shoot storms that fizzled out and eventually ended up driving past these tractors. The intricate track assembly is what caught my eye and despite not having my main flash gear along, I managed to light them anyway. I would imagine they could go just about anywhere with those tracks. I positioned my tripod on my truck roof to gain a better perspective on them and also see the farm in the distance.

Good to Bad


This one room Amish school has clear skies on the left and rapidly approaching heavy thunderstorms on the right.The clouds were changing minute by minute this day and were rather impressive.The same day I shot this,about 10 miles away there was a confirmed tornado touched down and it would have been in the direction I was photographing this.

The Predator


This piece of farm equipment looked a little menacing as it headed down the road and as it made a turn onto another road I saw the name on the machine was the predator. Very fitting and it looks like the perfect vehicle for snowstorms as well.

Clouds High and Low


This was shot the same evening as yesterdays photo and once again the clouds remind one how insignificant we really are. I was sure I was going to see a rainbow during this storm because it was going from sun to rain to sun numerous times.

Memories from the Past


This local antique store window caught my eye as I drove by and after the owner told me it is lit up at night,I knew I had to give it a shot to capture it.I still had to light all the fronts of the items against the windows because they were backlit but my tablet and remote helped me capture this trip down memory lane.This is Time Matters Antique Mall in Adamstown,Pa

Independence Day


This was the scene at the Lititz Moravian square for the fourth of July. I am not sure what the count was but it was in the hundreds if not thousands of perfectly lined up flags. I decided to hang around till dusk when I knew the lamp posts would light up adding to the unique scene.I just found out the total was four thousand flags.Very impressive indeed.

Scenic Gorge Alpine Chalet



This is my second gnome house creation that I built and placed on the hill behind our house.We have a rail trail behind our place and the people just love seeing the imaginary little world I have created for their viewing pleasure while on their walk or bike ride.This took me two weekends to construct and features a water wheel on the side,a rope bridge which leads to the tree and there are two gnomes sitting on a deck that I have called the Matterhorn observation deck.It measures about 4 feet tall and in the middle is a gnome diving off the bridge. I am now starting to plan a hobbit hole going into the hill to finish the area. I was on the trail looking it over the other day and a child that was 3 or 4 yrs old stops and blurts out,this is just beautiful.It kind of amazed me that a kid that little could not only appreciate the work but express it so eloquently. The sign reads scenic gorge alpine chalet.

Evening Light


This is one of three shots I captured the other evening at sunset and thankfully I had my eyes on the sky earlier in the evening and had a gut feeling it was going to be a good one. Heading out to find a nice farm to include ahead of time allowed me to be ready when the moment presented itself.