Unexpected Streak of Light


A nice sunset gets a special added touch when this mini rainbow appeared for about 3 minutes.

Make Your Case


I photographed this pair of Case tractors recently after trying to shoot storms that fizzled out and eventually ended up driving past these tractors. The intricate track assembly is what caught my eye and despite not having my main flash gear along, I managed to light them anyway. I would imagine they could go just about anywhere with those tracks. I positioned my tripod on my truck roof to gain a better perspective on them and also see the farm in the distance.

Good to Bad


This one room Amish school has clear skies on the left and rapidly approaching heavy thunderstorms on the right.The clouds were changing minute by minute this day and were rather impressive.The same day I shot this,about 10 miles away there was a confirmed tornado touched down and it would have been in the direction I was photographing this.