Steam Powered Transportation

I was shooting the opposite direction here and at the last minute I heard the horse trotting up the farm lane behind me. I had no time to think about composition or exposure and fired away hoping I got something before they were out of sight. This frame was decent thanks to the horses breath being backlit by the sun

Shelter from the Storm

This is the last shot of the night from the last snowstorm and was taken around 11pm. I am actually standing with my tripod in the lane of travel on a busy highway and had to keep my eyes open for the occasional car. I noticed a janitor looking out the windows wondering who was driving the vehicle in the lot, so I ran up to the window and asked if there was any chance of turning on the sanctuary lights and he was more than happy to do so.

A Night to Remember

This property has always been a favorite of mine and as I drove by last week, I noticed the barn was illuminated with spotlights and the trees were wearing a heavy coat of fresh snow so I turned around to try this shot. I have my tripod on the sidewalk across the street and despite traffic being fairly light, I had several motorists drive by who were maybe a foot from the curb and were so kind as to splash slop at me. I quickly countered by getting a golf umbrella and used it to completely shield myself from their pitiful driving abilities. I did use their headlights to my advantage to help light the snow in the middle of the road. This night was very calm and was a night to remember.


Beauty of the Night

This is another image I captured during last weeks storm and till I was done shooting at 11pm, my feet were numb and my fingers not much better. The reason for freezing was not because of bitter cold but the fact that I had no real intention of shooting anything, so when I headed out to get a photo for a local church activity, I had on two light sweatshirts and my choice of shoe that night was none other than a loafer. Well after finishing up my photo shoot and heading toward home, I started seeing great shots here and there and was basically too lazy to drive several miles to get warmer clothes. My jeep has an awesome heater and that helped between locations but the above image was one of several I took here and I was basically standing in about 5 inches of snow for close to an hour, in loafers no less. The cool result is thanks to pure white LED’S in a parking lot on the left and clouds blowing by rather quickly during a couple second exposure.

In the Nick of Time

I found this snow covered scene just in the nick of time because about 10-15 minutes after I shot this I noticed the sun starting to get covered by fast moving clouds yet it was totally calm around this gazebo. It was shortly thereafter the wind came whipping through here and blew two thirds of the snow off everything and that was all she wrote for photos. I can’t complain because the snow did hang on for a good 12 hours, which I thoroughly enjoyed shooting. This scene is located atop a high spot near here that affords a great view of the surrounding countryside in all directions.

A Lovely Winter Storm

This past week we experienced our first snow of the season here in Lancaster county and even though it was only 4 or 5 inches, it clung to trees nicely and provided around 12 hours of opportunity for great photos before the wind and warm temps obliterated it. I sit typing this tonight after we had temperatures in the mid-sixties today and while it was nice to wash the truck, I would rather have more snow.