Spotted Lanternfly

This is a spotted lantern fly that is an invasive species here. It showed up this summer in large numbers and has the fruit industry in a panic. It is a pretty insect but very destructive to fruit. check out this Youtube video to see how intense they can be. All I can say is thank goodness they don’t bite or sting.

Learning to Drive

I shot this a couple of months ago and finally got around to posting it. I used a long lens which helped but as soon as they knew it was picture time, they did an about-face and headed down the lane toward home. It was very cute because the girls had doll babies they had along for the ride.

Night and Day Difference

Two different shots I took at the same location but a day or two apart. The bottom shot was when I first noticed the scene and the upper is the first chance I had to come back and shoot it in the evening. Rain and wind took them down pretty quickly but I like each shot for its own appeal.

Look at the link below

I shot this image a couple of weeks ago of one of several murals done by high school students near the towns visitors center. I used my ladder and pole setup to get up about 12 feet off the ground to capture this.

I am including a link to the magazine where I mentioned my work was being used as part of a story on Lititz. Anyone not from my area can see the nice story they did along with my photos.


Lonely Rainy Night2

This is a second image I shot on this very rainy night. What caught my eye was the water puddling everywhere and the reflecting lights and fall foliage. I have never seen this much water collecting in this usually dry area so I felt I needed to tough out the miserable conditions to capture this.