The Boss Called

This set of three shots illustrates how well these horses listen to their Amish owner. I stopped to photograph them because they were starting to line up in a pleasing composition and the background was nice as well with the harvested wheat stacked up, when all of a sudden their heads pop up and they all look across the field with great attention. About two hundred yards away, I could see the farmer looking our way and although I heard nothing,they obviously did and just like that they all made a beeline to the barn. Not sure if the farmer just doesn’t like his horses photographed or perhaps it was feeding time,but whatever he did put a stop to my little photo session.

In the Rain

I was out looking for photos after it had rained one evening and I decided to shoot this quaint little church,which is in my home town. I set my tripod up in the middle of the street to get a view of the front when it started to pour after only taking about three shots, so I had to pack it in and as I pulled out in my truck I decided to turn around in the back parking lot and I was greeted by this awesome reflection so I set up again.This time I dug my umbrella out to battle the pouring rain again and as soon as I found the composition,the rain came to an abrupt halt and I had about two minutes to get the shot till the water ran off the lot and no more reflection was visible.Street lights added the extra warmth on the back wall.I have always liked this church because it reminds me of the ones I saw in New England years ago.