The Boss Called

This set of three shots illustrates how well these horses listen to their Amish owner. I stopped to photograph them because they were starting to line up in a pleasing composition and the background was nice as well with the harvested wheat stacked up, when all of a sudden their heads pop up and they all look across the field with great attention. About two hundred yards away, I could see the farmer looking our way and although I heard nothing,they obviously did and just like that they all made a beeline to the barn. Not sure if the farmer just doesn’t like his horses photographed or perhaps it was feeding time,but whatever he did put a stop to my little photo session.

In the Rain

I was out looking for photos after it had rained one evening and I decided to shoot this quaint little church,which is in my home town. I set my tripod up in the middle of the street to get a view of the front when it started to pour after only taking about three shots, so I had to pack it in and as I pulled out in my truck I decided to turn around in the back parking lot and I was greeted by this awesome reflection so I set up again.This time I dug my umbrella out to battle the pouring rain again and as soon as I found the composition,the rain came to an abrupt halt and I had about two minutes to get the shot till the water ran off the lot and no more reflection was visible.Street lights added the extra warmth on the back wall.I have always liked this church because it reminds me of the ones I saw in New England years ago.

Splendid Colors

This morning includes one of those times I will remember for the missed opportunity. I decided to drive around Amish country looking for images and as I came down this road I was struck by this family heading toward me. There are actually 4 young ladies dressed in the most beautiful shade of aqua blue in this shot and mom in a contrasting pastel pink. I was at the end of a farm lane watching them come towards me and it was a one in a million view because all four little ones were walking side by side,but do you think I could raise the camera for a shot? They were all staring directly at me wondering why I was there and I just could not manage to snap a picture of them from the front, but this image of them after they passed is still kind of neat,so all was not lost.

A Nice Farm

Hope to get something better at this location but the sun sets at a bad angle to the farm,so getting a gorgeous sunset sky might be a little tricky,yet this evening gave a decent sky that surprised even me.

Elegant Beauty

This pair of shots was taken at the same location looking opposite directions on a calm Sunday morning. I was hoping for a buggy to come by to get in the shot but after an hour of waiting,it simply was not meant to be on this particular day. The Victorian home in the top shot is full of beautiful details and the wrap around porch is in a class all its own. They just do not make them like that anymore.

Stately Hydrangea

Yet another evening finds me shooting this pink hydrangea growing in front of this elegant old home.Interior lights add that special warmth that emanates outward making for a very inviting home. Again,simply knocking and asking nicely was all it took to get some lights turned on,which really helps to make the shot shine.

Hydrangea Fever

This is the fourth hydrangea I shot in the last month and they are starting to slowly fade but they are just so appealing with their pastel hues.This image was taken just a stones throw away from the shot I posted yesterday and I noticed it as I was going to the house I shot first to let them know the image was going on my site. This property had a couple challenges to overcome like a kids swing set,which is hidden behind the plant. Choosing a wide-angle allowed me to use the flowers as cover for the swing set. I also have my tripod about a foot off the road and thankfully there was no distracted drivers to run me over here. Again,a nice home owner turned some lights on for me to help get my signature look that I go for in these shots.

Come Sit A Spell

This inviting porch and gorgeous hydrangea in the foreground made for a wonderful summer image in rural Lancaster county.The owners were gracious enough to let me walk around the yard and add some light to liven things up. My tripod was literally a foot and a half off the road here and cars were flying by so I had to stay on my toes.

Fairy Festival1

Took my wife and daughter to my first ever fairy festival this spring and the coming week or two will feature photos I shot while strolling around. It was a very magical event with many interesting characters walking around. If these photos intrigue you at all, go on YouTube and look up Elfia fantasy festival in the Netherlands and you will see some mind-blowing outfits.

Heritage Days4

This Amish father and his five sons caught my eye as they headed home from heritage days. All the boys were dressed identical in blue and the view from the side was amazing but right after I snapped this shot at the stop sign,they turned right and I passed them to go further up the road to try for my dream shot of them. I went about a quarter-mile ahead,found an empty parking lot with bushes to kind of hide my truck a bit and focused in anticipation out my window. After two minutes I realized they went in the lane at the farm right after the stop sign so this image is all I got.