Tail Wagging Fun



A young pup gets some fresh air in the crate on the back of this buggy.His tail was wagging quite a bit,so he must have been enjoying the ride.Two boys in the buggy ahead can be seen looking in amazement after the buggies went separate ways and they noticed the dog that was behind them.

Amish Driving Lessons


This little scene turned out way different than I thought it would and here is why.As I drove past this farm lane I quickly glanced in and saw what I thought was 4 children ready to head out for a wagon ride,and all I saw was the kids all loaded and ready to lead the horse,so I decided to go a short ways up the road and wait for them to come by.After about three minutes,I became impatient and drove back to see what the hold up was,and that’s when it became clear  that the horse was fake and it was a training session I had witnessed.By then all but one had gone somewhere else and it is one of those shots I will play over in my head that I should have gotten.

Storms Are Building

stormy-intercourse2Very hot and humid weather has been creating the right conditions for afternoon storms recently.I photographed this set of storm clouds from the safety of my truck and used the tablet to fire the camera sitting on the tripod outside. There was only one lightning bolt,but it was to my right off camera. Amazingly,it never rained here,but came down in buckets just up the road.

Trust Your Instincts

stormThis was one of those nights I wish I had listened to my instincts and headed out to shoot earlier.I was doing yard work and noticed a transitioning sky and kept telling myself to head out but I kept stalling.By the time I saw the cool clouds forming,I found myself scrambling to get somewhere fast.Unfortunately this is the best I could find on short notice and the clouds to the left of my shot were much more dramatic,but it had no foreground interest that direction. Their was lightning as well but never where I had the camera pointed and I was a little nervous about getting out of the car to recompose.

Summer Flight

balloon-near-blue-ballThis hot air balloon finally got to a spot low enough that I could include some of the farm landscape below it.Hot air balloons can be a bit of a challenge to shoot,especially on an evening like this when it was slightly breezy, because they cover so much ground that keeping ahead of them and putting yourself in the right spot for a shot becomes tricky. The crew landed in a farm field shortly after this shot was taken.

The Loner



I have always been drawn to lone trees for some reason.Maybe growing up as an only child makes me appreciate the solitude that trees such as this one seem to convey to me.This was shot in infrared and the effect is perfect on this image.

Looking Back

amish-buggy-familyOne thing I can tell you about the Amish and that is they are keenly aware of their surroundings. I was parked in a spot along the road to capture this family passing by and was using a long lens around 400mm to keep some distance, and I no sooner raised my camera and the dad immediately looked back.Their must be a young one up front because there is a car seat plopped in the back with the kids,unless the child is strapped in with the siblings watching.

A Round The Hay Field



This field of round hay bales looked especially appealing in the late day light of an approaching storm. I was slightly concerned as I shot this because I was on my truck roof with my tripod extended and there were a few flickers of lightning in the distance.The lower image includes the machine that makes the bales and a load of bales ready to leave the field.That image was taken across the road in a second field that evening and I am pretty sure the large field got drenched before they were collected.