Memorial Day

flags-and-crosses war-hero-tributeTwo different views from area cemeteries honoring those who served our nation.The bottom image features flags placed by strangers who have visited the grave of Richard Winters. Major Winters was a decorated ww11 veteran who was featured in the HBO series,Band of Brothers. The net has much more info on this decorated soldier.

Life in the Slow Lane


This image turned out pretty well considering it was shot through my truck windshield. I had snapped a few frames from the side of the road and the boys saw me ,so they looked away. I drove around a little while and found them again,so I tried shooting through the windshield as they paused at a stop sign and sure enough,it was sharp. The whole family was dressed in the same color and the little girl looking out the back window and the mom smiling at her were added touches.


Cows Came Home


Ever hear the phrase-till the cows home?  Well here in Pa,they just came home and I have no idea what was going on till they came home,but you can relax now. This is an udderly worthless photo,but that’s how it goes.

Coming and Going

buggy-near-mustard-field2 buggy-near-mustard-field


This Lancaster county scene caught my eye with the colorful mustard fields blooming and the occasional buggy passing by. I captured one buggy coming toward me and another headed the other direction which gave two slightly varied vantage points. I like each about the same.

Competitive Spirit



croquet2As with any competitive sport, tempers can flare when the action gets intense. These young Amish girls took the back yard for a game of croquet and the event started out friendly enough,but the mallets quickly started flying at a fever pitch,and finally one participant gestured in disgust at an illegal move.

Wrap it up




This series shows an Amish crew at work in the fields. First they use a machine to create these round bales and then the shrink wrapper loads a bale and in a minutes time,it is encased in plastic.this is becoming more commonplace and the obnoxious white bales are stacked near the farm,and are an eyesore as far as I am concerned but it does keep the product safe.

Flippers are Flying


This is one of my least favorite times of the year to do yard work, and that is because of the maple tree flipper onslaught. They are pretty little creations,but they clog my spouting, start growing by the thousands in my mulch beds and stain my sidewalks. Right now they are beginning to fall in large numbers,landing everywhere,and I found a few shots in our garden that I thought looked interesting enough to capture. As I sit and type looking out the window,they are spinning to the ground by the hundreds,thanks to a stiff breeze.



Spring Palette

wisteria-gardenSpring is advancing rapidly and this most special time of year will soon fade away. I photographed this lovely garden scene that is located within an easy walk from my home and this was shot with winds in the 5-10 mph range, and for this type of work,that’s a little strong. The owners were not home,so I had to light everything from the sidewalk,and wish I had been able to get in different angles with my flash,but this turned out nicely despite that. The scene  was shot with a 70-200 mounted on a tripod and linked to my laptop. I used radio poppers to fire the wireless flash,and a wireless transmitter to fire the camera. I shot about 50 frames,lighting the plants as needed and then brought the pieces together for the result. The owner takes great pride in the property and has a wide variety of unique plants throughout the season. The Wisteria was my main objective,and its fragrant blooms were a delight to see and smell.