The Irritated Amishmen

I was out looking for snow photos and came across this Amish guy plowing with a tow motor. I was half a football field away but he still noticed me in my car. He then drives toward me and asks if I had a problem,sarcastically of course. I said no and he says then get going.I said I will when I am ready and right now I am not ready.That irked him even more and after he drove back , he was pushing snow like nobody’s business. I left after our little interaction and scoured the back roads but they were pretty quiet.

Mud Sale Season

I snapped this image before the local Mud sale officially got under way this weekend. For those not familiar with them, mud sales are held in Amish country in the spring and get their name from the typical muddy conditions of spring. A snow storm came through the day before and coated these buggies that are lined up for purchase at the auction. I just did not have the desire to battle temperatures in the low 30s and winds of 20 mph during the actual event,so this will have to suffice.


_dsc2169 _dsc2159

This buggy/trailer combo caught my eye as it headed down a street in town and I honestly never saw anything like it before and probably wont in the future. Around these parts ingenuity is taking to a whole other level and this is someones idea of salvaging stuff and staying dry at the same time.

Almost Got it


I was at an auction and noticed the sky intensifying so I decided to go look for a shot, but as I rushed down the back roads it started to fade quickly. I was forced to stop where I was and try for something/anything before it was gone,which was about a minute after this was taken.Its nothing earth shattering but I like the colorful stream flowing in the foreground.

Sewing Shop Warmth


I noticed this inviting warm lighting reflecting on the wet road on a cold and raw winter day so I snapped a quick shot. I think it is a sewing shop and it looks perfect with the old architecture.All the action is downstairs the way it looks.