Cool Bonnets


As much as I photograph the Amish where I live, I must admit I know relatively little about much of their lives and the things I see. Take for instance the two adults and two children shown here, who were out in their buggy on a weekday wearing these rather unique bonnets. It was slightly cool this morning so maybe they are merely warmer than the regular covering I often see them wearing but then again I may be way off. Either way I liked the cool wagon and the attire so I snapped a quick shot with a long lens.

Compress It


This pair of Amish farms appear to be on the same property, when in reality they are separated by maybe a quarter-mile and there is actually a road that runs between them. Using a long lens of 300-400mm helps compress the distance.What caused me to stop in the first place was the late evening blue light on the metal roof as the sun was quickly dropping toward the horizon and putting things in shade.