Autumn Hues

Birch trees always get my attention when they are mixed in with a fall palette of colors such as this shot taken in New Hampshire.


Birch Lake

This fall scene was right off the road in Northern New Hampshire and the birches mixed with the autumn color were just crying out to be captured. I ended up here after hearing two park rangers talk about one area that was on fire with color,and I ended up behind them on a back road after they gave me directions,and I was itching to get there fast but they were taking their time,so I had to keep my enthusiasm in check.The really funny part was about two hours later I passed them again collecting trash at a rest stop almost 50 miles away and as I pass the lady ranger looks up directly at me and smiles,as if to say I told you so.

Roadside Pond

I photographed this gorgeous little pond from the roof of the jeep I rented on my New England adventure recently. Parking across the road and using a long lens allowed me to isolate the foliage and reflection without the bland sky to distract.

Quick,Snap it

This is a waterfall along the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire and I had about thirty seconds to get this shot before another twenty people walked into the shot. When you are in a spot like this , you come to realize that nobody cares if you were there first, want a nice clean shot etc etc,so you just do the best you can. I waited a while till everyone left and I was getting ready to fire a series off when I see a mother and her grown daughter navigating across the rocks as they headed for the big rock in the middle of my shot right beside the waterfall were they proceed to sit down and relax. I was very patient for the first three minutes,but then I started giving them the “you gotta be kidding look” which only seemed to make me more frustrated when they stayed put for another five minutes. If you hang around places like this long enough you will see things that make you scratch your head, like the dad who decided to walk on a ledge that was about 6 inches wide and slippery as all get out with his 8-year-old daughter holding his hand and halfway through the exercise,he realizes this was not the best idea and starts getting a little tipsy as he tries to safely get himself and her back up where sane people are. The water was not raging here but you look at the falls in my shot and imagine you fell in and how sketchy that might become real quick. They were just to my left in the area where the rocks drop into a ravine.

Above & Below the Bridge

These two images were taken at the same location,except one was taken on top of the bridge and the other facing the opposite direction was taken beneath the bridge.As I get older, I notice I think about the possibilities of getting hurt on my adventures a lot more than I used to and the fact that I had five stents put in this year after a near heart attack is probably a big factor in all that. I am starting to see my athletic ability wane a bit and I find myself more deliberate in my moving about places like the lower shot,where I am going from boulder to boulder and one slip or twist the wrong way,and I am in a bad spot. Consider the fact I was alone on this trip, in northern New Hampshire in places that maybe someone does not notice an empty vehicle for a day or two,and the fact that I don’t always call home each day, and you start to see why I ponder things more. Now don’t get me wrong,I still hiked under the bridge to get the shot I wanted because I would rather enjoy life than let fear dictate things, but I just try to balance the two better these days.The main reason I hiked down under the bridge in the first place was because I thought the yellow tree would be reflected in the water better than the top view,but it was terrible the lower I went,so thankfully it was good looking the opposite direction,making my little descent worth it.

It Came From Below

This image was taken on the last day of my four-day trip up to New England and of course it was the best day for foliage that I had the whole trip. I drove 18 hours this day,starting at 5am in the far northern regions of New Hampshire and ended in Pennsylvania at 11pm that night. I was driving rt 9 in New Hampshire and literally stopping every 5 miles because the color and scenery were so nice,and I noticed this bit of color along the creek,so I turned off the road and parked.As I was parking,I noticed a group of three young indian teenagers who were speaking their native language and snapping a few photos and I said hi as I approached,and just as I got past them,a huge stick about 4 feet long and maybe three inches thick flies by about two feet in front of my face? They start laughing and yelling over the edge of the bridge we are on and then explain they had a fourth friend down below in the stream who was trying to hit them. Since I was carrying my camera on the tripod in front of me,I was not very humored by the explanation,which by the way came without any apology. After the stick incident I headed down the bank to the creek below and captured this image that I really like and thankfully I was able to capture such a serene scene.