Redneck Amish

I had to hit the brakes as I passed this buggy maker in rural Lancaster county after I noticed the redneck decal on the front. Just when I think I have seen everything, I find something that reminds me I have not. The buggy is waiting for its last front wheel to be put on and then I might see it on the road during my travels.

Heading to the Swimming Hole

This is one of those moments that gets me excited about being a photographer and getting the chance to capture those little glimpses into Amish life here in Lancaster county. I was headed down this back road and way in the distance I saw some sort of strange convoy of sorts and not knowing what it was yet,I pulled over and waited with camera in hand just in case. About a hundred yards away I realized it was a group of Amish kids with all their swimming apparatus along and they were zipping along so I am lucky to get this shot. They had tubes,towels, floaties and even a beach chair in the back,which Made the near 100 degree day bearable. I have no idea if they have swim suits or just go in like they are shown but they all smiled at me as they passed me.

Evening Skies

A nice night in Amish country included these neat clouds. I had high hopes for a spectacular sunset because I was sure the setting sun was going to light the sky up,but the sun went behind a cloud bank just when it was getting to the horizon and it fizzled real fast.

Sunset Plowing

The sun was about as bright and glaring as it could have been for this attempt at a silhouetted farmer at work. The situation was complicated by the fact that the lens I used is extremely susceptible to flare and it was a nightmare trying to get this.