Listen Up Youngster!


A group of Amish boys head up the driveway on a recent summer day. The older female is scolding the one boy for something I am sure he deserved. Suspenders are the standard choice for keeping the pants up.


Schools Out


This is a typical one room school in Lancaster County ,with the one exception that it still has a nice white fence around it. Many schools have been encircled with chain link fence or something similar after the tragedy at nickel mines a few years ago. As a photographer trying to capture the uniqueness of the landscape,it is much harder to get a shot like this anymore. Storm clouds in the background are what I had been following  and when I spotted this foreground,I had to stop. A lovely farm is located a short distance away.

Full Moon setting



This full moon was shot last month on the morning following the rise of the super moon the night before. I headed out before sunrise and tracked this moon as I looked for a suitable foreground and I found this farm. As I was getting myself all primed up to capture it as it got lower on the horizon,wouldn’t you know it,what appeared to me to be a crystal clear sky,was actually hiding a bank of dark blue clouds and about the 4th frame of shooting,the moon started to be gobbled up into oblivion,which is seconds after I shot the top image. It was a surprise to me,but that’s how it goes with full moon shooting it seems.

Lincoln Slept Here


_mountian-springs-flowers2-copyThis is the only remaining structure left from the mountain springs resort built in 1848 and the rest was torn down several years ago ,with this part being restored. It sits on a steep hill and the large expanse of coneflowers made an impressive foreground so I made an attempt to capture the scene.The hill falls away fast,which necessitated me placing my tripod at maximum height and using my laptop to gets things lined up correctly. I started shooting about an hour before sunset and held in there till the sky started to light up with an amazing sunset. I almost wished I had gone with a wider shot because the sky was even more dazzling to the left of my composition but I was too locked in at this point. The shadows on the back wall of the porch are from my big flash,which I used to add detail under the roof line and I experimented with different angles till I got the shadow to fall on the wall between the windows,which shows the woodwork detail. Several presidents including Abraham Lincoln stayed in this building,so its kind of neat to capture it today.