Play Time

This late evening shot includes three siblings with their chosen means of transportation. It was very dark when I shot this and the depth of field is minimal but at least the boy in the center is in focus. I got about five shots taken before the family dog came to let me know its time to move on. I have no idea what kind of dog this is but he looked a little demonic with those eyes.

An Evening Excursion

I headed out for scenery and came across this Amish wagon full of family members. I got behind them at a stop sign and knew they were turning onto a very busy road so I figured I had but one chance to get a shot as the pulled out. I picked a spot ahead of them,composed and pre-focused on it and snapped a few shots as they entered the area.Half were sharp and half had a little blur,but I only needed one and thank goodness I nailed it.

The Escape Plan

I was out trying to get a sunset image and came down a back road to find these three Mennonite girls chit chatting along the road. I drove past them and wanted to turn around to try getting a shot and as I drove up the road I noticed a buggy was headed past me and going toward them.I quickly put a long lens on,turned around and as I approached they started to laugh and I knew they were on to my plan. I quickly leaned out my window just in time to capture them making their getaway in the buggy. I loved the three colors they were wearing and was glad I turned around to get this image.