Frozen in Time

Old man winter made a brief comeback today in the form of temperatures that hovered around 12-15 degrees at daybreak. Cold conditions like this can provide some interesting possibilities if you are dressed properly and look long and hard enough.This image was captured at the edge of a local pond. It’s a wonder I even go near this pond, because it’s the same place my father made me wade into when I was around ten years old. I had pushed my friends sled across the frozen pond, and of course it went in the only open hole on the entire pond, so that evening when my father found out, he loaded me in the car, drove me to the pond and made me try to recover the submerged sled.I got to about waist deep, till he said get out, and then promptly drove me to buy a new one for my friend. Suffice it to say, I never pushed any sleds across frozen ponds from that day forward. That was decades ago, but it’s indelibly etched in my mind.