Little Deuce Coupe

With temperatures climbing past 60 degrees today, I started to reminisce about a couple of images from the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival a few years ago. Art comes in many forms and I am always amazed what these sand sculptors create with several million grains of sand. These are good examples of getting up before the rest of the world to get images others rarely see. Now I can only hope for a good arctic blast to set everything back on its proper course, and maybe get some snow sculptures instead.

4 responses to “Little Deuce Coupe

  1. Remarkable series, Donald. You’re certainly cultivating and refining a style all your own. Keep up the good work.

  2. Two acts of creation here——–erecting the sculptures and creating the images. The sculptures will give way to wind and water in a short time, but the images can live as long as someone stores and cares for them. The people who built the sand castles can revisit them through your great photos.

  3. Little story on that. I originally contacted the sculptors about buying them for a very small fee.I watermarked them pretty good ,but the one guy responded with the watermark removed perfectly, and bragged he was a graphic artist since photoshop1. I thought the shot was unique, but he must have had a boatload of images already. Never bothered to contact any others. well thought out commentary by you.

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