A light Dusting

Yesterday we got a light dusting of snow and once again it was nothing to get excited about. For some reason I woke up a little early this morning, and took a peek out the front window, and I saw a nice pastel sky with an near full moon getting lower to the horizon. I hurriedly threw on some clothes, while my mind raced to think of any possible locations to shoot. Nothing came to me, so I just drove around and ended up with these two so-so images. Hopefully some significant snowstorms are still coming this year yet, so I can get some real snow scenes.The windows in the house are illuminated by the rapidly approaching sunrise behind me.

4 responses to “A light Dusting

  1. Thomas Edison—-Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

    I’m not sure about the ratio, but it seems that your work is built on a foundation of getting up, getting out, and searching out the opportunity—–congratulations.

    • I may have to make you a guest writer.Always have interesting comments. I do know it is getting harder every year to lug around my gear and get up early. That is one key to finding great images though.

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