The Turret Lathe

This is another machine shop undertaking, and once again the layers of color and texture drew me to photograph it. The best I could make out was that it is a turret lathe, but don’t hold me to that. I checked in the folder I save my files in and I  had shot eleven separate files to light this as shown. Many times I will shoot triple that amount so I don’t miss any piece of the puzzle. As I have mentioned before, a sturdy tripod, a basic laptop and a few flashlights are all you need.

9 responses to “The Turret Lathe

  1. Don,
    Can you add a comment about the flashlights you use?

    Your site is consistently first rate, I hope you are getting the followers your work deserves.

    • Gary. I was thinking I might show them in a future post just to give an idea. As far as followers, I have maybe 90, but I am a little frustrated because I never show up on the photo tag pages for photography, and there are some real basic snapshots featured there all the time? I would just like a fair shake to be seen,but no clue how to accomplish that. maybe if I got on facebook?

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