Dramatic Skies

My image today features intense cloud formations that were blowing through the area, and lasted just long enough to allow me to run and get my infrared camera/filter combination. I actually think the clouds were more intense when I first saw them, but I am quite happy with what I got here. The shot was done using my old Nikon D70, which was excellent for capturing infrared images when used in conjunction with a Hoya r72 infrared filter. The downside is the fact that you can barely see through the filter,so essentially you focus the shot on your tripod and then add the filter on the lens before shooting. Exposures usually run from 1 second to 8 seconds at f16 in most situations,and you must remove the filter every time you do a new image. As things soon turn greener, Infrared effects will get even better.

24 responses to “Dramatic Skies

    • Would be surprised that software could duplicate the filter. I tried a couple ways and they usually come up a little short. I would suggest getting the largest diameter filter for your biggest lens and then use step down rings. i use a 77mm

    • The only word of warning I have for you is to research the net to see what others say about whatever camera you have and its infrared abilities. My d700 for instance is terrible with the filter. I sent my old d200 to lifepixel,and they converted it to use it to shoot infrared only. thats another option if you have an old camera sitting around.

  1. Wonderful image. I have always been fascinated with infrared images, but I need to learn more about the process of making them. I know the d7000 is not the best camera to try it with. Might have to find a second hand d70.

  2. whoa, stunning! thanks for stopping by my blog, will be following you now, and sharing! (wish I had you here for cloud photos yesterday!) going to poke around here and see if you sell your work, this is just so excellent!

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