The Fairground Organ

This image hopefully showcases what I consider to be a very beautiful Bruder Fair Organ from the late 1800s. The owner was gracious enough to let me photograph the piece, which has the most lovely colors on its carved surfaces. The founder of the Waldkirch organ industry was Ignaz Bruder, 1780-1845, and he was the master teacher for several german organ builders, and four of his sons founded the business Gebruder Bruder. Two of those sons, Wilhelm and Arnold, founded their own organ factory under the name of Wilhelm Bruder Sohne. I assume this piece was done by them because that name is painted across the middle, above the figure. I did not hear the organ play,but I bet it really resonates for blocks when it does play. I am by no means an authority on these organs, but doing a little research on the net, it was hard to find two organs that looked the same, so quite possibly each piece was one of a kind. The craftsmanship is simply mind-boggling. I light painted the whole room to give it a dreamy look. Can you imagine anyone having the ability or desire to create such a masterpiece today? It not only is beautiful to look at, but the music it produces most certainly delighted countless crowds way back when as well.

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    • Thats a stretch to call me a master,but I appreciate it. If you want to try this out,here is a simple lesson. find something in your house to shoot, set up your tripod, and shoot one image where your subject is very subdued in flat light. make it so its underexposed and dark but you can still see the object. thats your first shot,now without bumping the tripod, turn off the lights and use a flashlight to illuminate only one side of the item.after you have an exposure that looks good with the light,drag that image onto your base image in photoshop,and put it on lighten mode. now when you brush across your image,the only thing that will appear is the light you shined. good luck.

  1. A true teacher and artist “shares” ones knowledge. I am getting to be quite the admirer of your unique skillset and personality.

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