Meet Croaker

This is the resident frog at my mother in laws house who has laid claim to her tiny backyard pond. He has been affectionately  named croaker for obvious reasons and my mother in law has almost perfected the mating call that emanates from croaker on a normal night. I used to have a backyard pond as well, and was always amazed how frogs found their way to these small sources of water. For this hand-held shot, I had to all but fall in the pond to get the low angle, but croaker gladly posed as I was about a foot away, and never even flinched.

15 responses to “Meet Croaker

  1. I love Croaker. You captured him at his most attractive. Warn your mother-in-law that if she keeps up that croaking, some other male frogs might show up.

  2. Donald,
    Wonderful shot! You are lucky he stayed so still for you, or maybe you are a very skilled stalker of small game 🙂 I love hearing the frogs at night.

  3. I went exploring in rural San Diego County yesterday and found a stream where I could hear the frogs, just couldn’t see them. I’ll be checking it out more regularly, hoping to get some pictures.

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