I Want to Play . . . Now!

I photographed this horse and its foal recently in a local pasture and could not believe my eyes when I saw the youngster repeatedly smack the mom on the head to get her up and walking around. The bottom photo was taken first, and then momma decided to lay down, which did not sit well with junior. The foal seemed very irritated the entire time her mother stayed laying, which was not very long due to repeated hoof blows to the head. Maybe she wanted to romp in the field for a while, or maybe just didn’t think mom deserved a break, but it was funny either way.

17 responses to “I Want to Play . . . Now!

  1. The mare looks distressed to me, and in the second shot she certainly she’s walking with her head practically on the ground. Maybe the foal just wanted to see her get up and walk to make sure she’s OK.

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