Malachite on Flower

This Malachite butterfly sat long enough for me to get parallel to his wings and get the shot.For anyone wanting to do these type of shots, get as parallel as possible to get maximum sharpness and use flash to freeze motion. I see so many people shooting at whatever angle they feel like and then they get a sliver of acceptable sharpness due to depth of field limitations. This was shot around f16.


6 responses to “Malachite on Flower

  1. Absolutely perfect! The tips on angle are helpful as many of us panic and shoot for fear of losing the op. Increibly sharp and vivid…nice job!

    • Thats just the way I shoot them. I look at them like shooting a book.If you wanted all the words sharp,you would shoot parallel,and I like to see all the beauty in the wings. even so, they are a tricky subject.slow approach and many times I prefocus my macro at a certain image size and then move the camera till i see sharpness achieved and then fire.

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