Farmland full moon


This is last nights full moon rising over a pair of farms. I went out with a friend to this spot we had tried for during last months full moon, and after using his cell phone to utilize the program called The Photographers Ephemeris,we were in disagreement over were it said the moon would hit the horizon. I used my compass and the coordinates the program said and as it ended up ,I was in the right spot and my friend was down the road a hundred yards or so in the wrong spot. It takes a little effort to look at the satellite image and decide exactly were you are and need to be,but it is a great tool. The moon was not visible right away,but became stronger as it climbed. I had to shoot from my truck roof because the corn was too high to see the farms.

Here is a screen shot of the program we use. the colored lines show you all the rise/set positions.this is the portland headlight in Maine as an example.