Theodore Burr Arch Truss

This is the interior of a local covered bridge that has been closed for over a year due to damage from tropical storm Lee last year. Not sure exactly what the problem is,but if you look at the exterior,the bridge has a slight bow to it. This bridge sits approximately eighteen feet above the creek,but last years flood was an extreme one that hopefully wont be seen for another hundred years.I used flash to light the interior in an attempt to show the intricate construction that goes into these beautiful structures. This bridge was built in 1867 at a whopping cost of $4,500 dollars. The arch design is credited to inventor Theodore burr,who lived around the early 1800s and was a cousin to Vice President Aaron Burr.

16 responses to “Theodore Burr Arch Truss

    • I contemplated that for about 2 seconds,but realized the clone tool was my friend.Right as it was getting pretty dark,bats were zipping around my head,so that added an extra dimension as well.

  1. Great lighting job and composition, Donald. A very different and most enjoyable view of the interior of a covered bridge. Well done!

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