Chasing the Pig


I rarely post photos that are not on the visually appealing side, but since I have viewers from all over the world,I thought I might share one of the more interesting activities that takes place at the local fair each year. What you see here is known as the pig chase,where contestants compete to catch a greased pig. Some times the pig takes a good hit as he is tackled,but in twenty years I have never seen a pig or person get hurt. Pigs seem to be pretty tough from what I have seen,and the addition of lard on their bodies make them hard to hold. From children to adults,there is a size of pig that matches each division,and believe it or not,I have seen pigs actually run with an adult hanging on their back. For children under five,there is a rooster chase,which really gets interesting,and by the way,the guy in yellow did not catch the pig. Being the fastest at this event often times means you are the one that will be feeling ten other guys landing on your back in short order.