6 responses to “Family Time

  1. One of my favorite childhood memories is when we visited Amish country in PA. Good food, spotless farms and barns, and such pleasant people.

    • Not sure about the spotless farms,but agree with the rest. sweet corn is only a week away or so and we have some of the best known to man. the ultimate way to have it is steamed in the husk in a stainless steel pan over a raging fire. you cover it with burlap while it steams and the corn gets so tender and sweet.

      • Sorry. we built a fire on the ground years ago behind our shed to roast corn like that and we almost got killed when an old underground concrete slab that we knew nothing about started to explode from the heat.One piece was at least 6 inches around and rocketed directly between me and my friends heads.Lesson learned was never build a fire on concrete,even if you have no idea its there. the expanding moisture has nowhere to go. I will get the butter and salt a while.

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