A Great Evening

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I never post this many shots at once,but I wanted to show the different images I captured at one location on a stormy afternoon. I had been hanging out with friends one sunday afternoon and right near supper time these amazing clouds started moving in so I grabbed my gear and headed out. The top image is what I was after and I barely got the shot because the sky was changing so fast and the time between the first and second image is around ten minutes. After the storm blew over and poured down buckets of rain, I decided to try and get ahead of the storm and drove about twenty miles to get to the leading edge of the storm and gave up because I was getting into an area that was not very scenic. Next I turned around to head home and as sunset got closer,I decided to retrace my route and as I got back to the farm again,rain was stopping which left the road glistening and reflecting the colorful sky. The last shot was taken very close to the spot I shot the first image from, and all in all turned out to be a great afternoon of shooting.

12 responses to “A Great Evening

    • Thank you. My tripod almost blew over when the storm first came in. I was in my truck using the laptop to trigger the camera and had to get out and spread the legs way wide to keep it safe,and that was all in an open field with lightning flashing. I moved real quick.

  1. Wonderful Don -just post as many photos as you like. Great to capture this atmosphere and to see how the light plays with everything as it changes. Do take care though – lightning singed photographers are not always happy photographers?

    • Thanks Chas. I am trying to devise a way to shoot out my truck window and provide a small canopy to shield the rain off the lens. Their are some scary lightning videos out there of photogs who were almost fried.Last year I was at a spot that had lightning so frequent and intense,I was terrified to even get out of my vehicle for 30 seconds to set up my tripod. I would have got some amazing strikes and it was not raining to boot.

      • I have one of those Gorillapods that I sometimes use to shoot out the window of the car. Depending on the shot and the weather, I’ll sometimes hook it over the edge of the window opening, wrap it around the side mirror, or set it on a box right inside the window. Works pretty good as long as the wind isn’t shaking the vehicle 😉

        Love these pictures!

      • Thanks Jill. Good to hear someone else as crazy as me. I am going to try a friends window mount and some sort of homemade rain shield next. I also use a laptop and wireless remote so I have no direct connection to the camera just in case.

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