There She Stands


Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country on september eleventh of 2001. For me, like countless others, this day is permanently etched into my mind and like most I remember the exact moment it unfolded. For me it was a crystal clear fall day out in the country photographing blue morning glories on a farm, when the radio began to crackle with hints of something unspeakable. I recall driving as fast as I could to get to a television and being glued to it for days. Take a moment today to think of and pray for those who were lost that day, and especially their families who were left to cope with such heartbreak.

Every anniversary of this event, I find myself watching the documentaries on television and each and every time I am instantly taken back to that moment and overcome with a sense of deep despair, and I can’t begin to imagine the heartache for those who never got the chance to hold their loved ones again. I have never been to the twin towers memorial, but I have been to the Shanksville crash site in Pennsylvania and while it is not an over the top memorial, I can definitely say it is a place of quiet reflection that really hits you. I felt this Angel statue from a cemetery in New York was a fitting image for today. It is among my favorite infrared images that I have shot. If you have a moment and care to hear Michael W. Smiths tribute song  to 9-11 called ”There she stands”, I posted a link here.

Michael W. Smith – There She Stands – YouTube

6 responses to “There She Stands

  1. Donald,
    This is a beautiful blog and like you I remember exactly where I was at and every year on the anniversary I feel it all over again just like it was yesterday. I had never hear the song that you brought up in your blog so when I click here to go to You Tube to hear the song for the first time I was crying like a baby. I would like to repost your blog and add the words to the song giving both you and Michael Smith and of course Wesley King credit but I’m thinking I can’t be only one who has never heard the song. Thank you so very much my friend and may God Bless you. You’re not only a great blogger, but you are a wonderful photographer. Thanks again my friend hope you have a good week starting tomorrow…ps I love you Amish pictures too. They remind me of a gentler time and maybe even a safer time. Red Sox Lady 35,

      • I lost my Uncle who was a firefighter in the Second tower and a cousin my uncle’s daughter who was a CFO who worked in Merrill Lynch’s office in tower one on the 3 floor down I had talked with Lizzy two days before and we were getting ready her and I to meet in NYC at JFK airport and go on a vacation to Martha’s vineyard….. but I had to call and change my vacation by two weeks and she was changing her’s too because of some big deal that had to be done 11Sept2001 at 245PM and she got to the building at 645A to finish the last of her work. I haven’t been back to NYC nor have I been to Martha’s vineyard either. So thank you for your kind words. She was only 25 years old and was going to be married on my B-day so her husband could remember their anniversary because his b-day and mine was the same day. Sorry I told you this I don’t why I did I hardly ever talk about.

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