Beauty in a Window


As we drove down the street in Rockport Massachusetts, an art gallery caught my eye because of the warm light inside and the cool light of dusk outside. The owner was getting ready to close for the day so I was only able to get four exposures taken before the lights went out. The title of my image refers not only to the window overall but the lovely portrait showcased in the center. This is the gallery featuring the art of Luisa F.V. Cleaves, a contemporary artist and painter from this coastal town. Next time we pass this way, I will try to slow down and visit the many quaint shops in town. My friend says I get tunnel vision when I am photographing and I know this to be true, because when I was here 10 years ago with my wife, I never stopped to even realize they had shops. We got the absolute best croissants in this town from a place called Helmut’s Strudel shop. If you are ever in Rockport,take some time to visit this talented artists gallery and the many unique shops located along main street in town.

10 responses to “Beauty in a Window

  1. thank you so very much for sharing. Ill be driving in for Harvest Fest this year and I will make sure to visit. Miss Rockport so much

  2. I’m a former Innkeeper’s daughter from Rockport. This image is almost personal…not of a tourist, but of a local that sees the hardworking artists in our beautiful picturesque town. Our town has such a rich art scene. Thank you fo posting it! Cograts on this image…it’s fantastic!

    • Thanks so much for your comments.We stayed at the bearskin neck lodge near the harbor and we almost slept with the door open to listen to the waves.Would love to visit in winter sometime.

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