A Degree of Beauty



forest-hills-churchSometimes I head out to photograph one thing and end up seeing something totally different that intrigues me. Such was the case a few days ago when I headed out in search of hoar-frost on trees near streams,but instead found this lovely set of three trees adorned for Christmas near a local church. Brutal cold had the region all set for a hoar-frost appearance and I did get a few images later this morning of that but this scene was beckoning to be captured first.


I left the house at 5am with the temperature registering 12 degrees,and as I headed across the landscape I watched the temperature go from 12 to 7 to 4 and bottom out at 1 degree.Even with hand warmers I still found my hands hurting pretty bad a few times. Often I will go glove less to operate the camera better and merely touching metal for a few seconds drains the heat out of you.

I have always enjoyed intense cold that makes you appreciate summer more and being prepared helps insure you get your shots and stay safe. The same morning this was taken,I actually saw an elementary age kid walking to school in shorts and short sleeves,and the temperature in my truck read 18 degrees. Common sense is not so common apparently.