Full Moon Calling



It seems every winter I try to find the right timing for a clear full moon night with lots of snow cover to shoot and it never comes together. Well this past week I got lucky enough to have everything align so I could try a few shots.This particular night started out cloudy but the weather channel predicted clear skies later that night so I headed out at 10pm to look around.I ended up at this location and of course got lost in shooting till my wife called at eleven to ask where I was, and I said I might be out a little bit yet and don’t wait up.The next time I looked at my watch it was one in the morning,so I felt it might be time to call it a night. The rippled snow had excellent texture and it was not too bitter,so I could concentrate on getting the shots. For me the full moon has proven to be a bit of a pain,literally,as I get migraines and I lost track a long time ago how many times the full moon triggered them.Sometimes I get the full-blown headache/visual problem and other times I just feel like I am in a fog,and for a while I thought it was my imagination till I started documenting them and reading that others have had similar effects.Thankfully this night proved to be just a great full moon experience.


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