Full Moon Shining



I photographed this moonlit scene a week or so ago at around nine o’clock at night. I think it was a twenty or thirty-second exposure and it was one of the rare times we had snow on the ground with a clear night and a full moon.


10 responses to “Full Moon Shining

  1. There is something so magical about your work. As if could step through the frame and be there. I can feel the chill, walk the bridge, and can even envision what the house looks like inside! Thank you for the journeys!

    • Thanks,thats very kind of you.I appreciate everyone who takes the time to look at my work.This farm is very nice,but the road goes right between the house and barns on the other side.i guess at one time it was just a little dirt road but now traffic is heavier.

  2. This magnificent shot is one of your very best, Donald. Certainly the absolute best I have seen in this particular imaginative style of yours. I can in all sincerity say that it impressed me as much as any of your Amish captures.


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